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Sponsoring OktobeRun promotes your business or organization throughout Redwood City and the Bay Area before the race and gives you exciting recognition opportunities on race day as well.



The Redwood City OktobeRun is more than a race — it is a fun community event that attracts serious and fun runners alike from the Bay Area and across the country.

Running events, especially half marathons, offer attractive demographics for your business: 76% of runners have earned a college degree (overall U.S. adults is 30%), and 73% report a household income of more than $75,000 (U.S. median household income is $52,700)*. 81% of half marathon runners are between the ages of 25 and 54.

OktobeRun sponsorship recognition opportunities ensure that thousands of Peninsula residents know you support this exciting run. Pre-event publicity directly reaches more than thousands of Redwood City families with children, as well as large segment of Redwood City’s 75,000 citizens and the larger Bay Area running community. OktobeRun will also be publicized throughout northern California, including a full range of media and social media channels.

* Source: 2013 National Runner Survey, Running USA.



Your sponsorship helps more than 9,000 Kindergarten to 8th grade students in all 16 schools in the Redwood City School District by supporting such programs funded by the Redwood City Education Foundation, such as music education, SMART innovation grants, Outdoor Education, and vital health and wellness programs.

The RCEF has been working since 1983 to advance and enrich educational opportunities for the students of the Redwood City School District. The RCEF is a vital member of our community and partners with many Redwood City service organizations, nonprofits, local businesses, large corporations, and foundations.

Uncertain state education funding continues to threaten our children’s education. Your OktobeRun support ensures that 100% of the proceeds from this event go to support our students.